There’s a lot going on at Sword Class NYC!  Here’s a list of upcoming events for June and July.  Please contact owner Raab Rashi or General Manager Sara Tunick if you have any questions!

Cutting retreat and seminar with Grandmaster Jin K. Seong DSC_0139

Saturday, June 8 – Sunday, June 9.  $210

We will depart from NYC (location TBA) and carpooling to the Delaware Watergap (just over the NJ border in Pennsylvania) on Saturday June 8 and returning early evening on Sunday June 9.  This retreat is designed for students of every proficiency level from beginner to master.  The seminar cost is $210, which covers lodging, meals (including drinks!), tatami mats to cut, and instruction from the Grandmaster.  This is an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself and bond with your fellow classmates, as well as meeting students from other Siljun Dobup schools!  Not to be missed.  SIGN UP HERE.

Siljun Dobup Level Testtest01

Saturday, June 29, 3:00PM. $40

We will be conducting our first level test in New York on Saturday June 29th at 3:00 at Ripley Grier Studios.  Students may test for one or more levels, pending approval from Raab Sabomnim.  Students should arrive early and be ready to test at 3:00.  Testing fee is $40 for each keup (under dan) level.  SIGN UP HERE FOR LEVEL TESTING.

Tai-Chi Fan Workshop with Sifu David Chosid


Saturday, July 6th. $30

Learn a beautiful Tai-Chi fan form with Sifu David Chosid of the Yoo-Long Tai-Chi school.  Participants of this 2-hour workshop will also get a fan to keep so you can practice at home!  This workshop is open to all levels and to students of other dojos.  Sign up here!  I hope you can join us!

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