Toby Hall

Assistant Instructor, HEMA
Trainer Bio

Toby joined NYHFA in 2014. In addition to his study of longsword, he brings with him a background in sport fencing and holds a nidan in Jujutsu. His primary studies cover Liechtenauer’s ‘Kunst des Fechtens’ and sword and buckler of Andres Liegniczer & MS i.33. He has also picked up study of Figueiredo’s Montante. He holds a degree in German Studies from Williams College, and takes great academic interest in reading and interpreting the various source materials in the original Middle High German.


Iron Gate Exhibition, 2015

2nd Place, Open Mixed Weapons (Sword & Buckler)

Fechtschule New York 2015, NY, USA

3rd Place, Longsword Triathlon

2nd Place, Cutting

2nd Place, Paired Technique