Raab Rashi

Owner; Head Instructor, Siljun Dobup; Instructor, Kendo
Trainer Bio

Rashi sensei has been a student of the sword since 2002.  Raab holds the rank of 5th Dan in iaido, 4th Dan rank in Kendo, and 1st Dan in Chosun Sebup. He has studied under Grandmanster Jin K. Seong (Kendo renshi, 7th Dan), founder of Siljun Dobup.  Raab came to the sword through his love of fantasy, historical fiction and non-fiction, and cinema. Raab is the owner of Sword Class NYC, and considers himself a lifelong student. Raab is also an accomplished musical and theatrical producer and director with a degree in Arts Management from Rutgers University.

Personal Training
Private or couples training