Damion Digrazia

Head Instructor, The Armored Combat League
Trainer Bio

Harlem Knight Fight from MEL Films on Vimeo.


Damion was selected by the owners of the Armored Combat League to not only be the President/Captain of the NYC Chapter of the ACL, but to also be the head instructor for the ACL at SCNYC. Damion’s martial arts background is mainly centered around his years of training in Capoeira and Krav Maga, with the introduction of a heavy amount of fighting with the ACL over the past 3 years. Besides melding in other sport-focuses that Damion has participated in, his ultrarunning (100-milers) accomplishments – the experience of being an effective runner, across varying terrain, and digging deep for such an endurance sport – play a defining role in his strategy and capabilities on the field.

Damion proved his prowess as an ACL fighter when he was given the title of “The Arrow” (“La Flecha”), on the world tournament field in Spain in 2014. He was selected by Spain’s team, whom is sponsored by Spanish royalty which were the host of the tournament, to receive an arrowhead from the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (some would say one of the most significant battles in Spain’s history, and one won with decisive mobility strategy), an artifact from the year 1212, a gifting which was explained to him thus: he was elegant, deadly, and unstoppable during the days of fighting at the tournament – like an arrow on the field – since his style as a running fighter caught the attention of the teams and audience alike, and brought many victories through effective use of mobility strategy.

Damion’s formal education spans a bachelor’s at Columbia and a master’s at Harvard. He was also active duty in the U.S. Air Force, going into the service days after September 11th. Born in Manhattan, Damion’s effort at making NYC’s chapter of the ACL the best in the sport is personal – he’s a born Manhattanite who loves, and is proud of, his city.


Damion is a current volunteer with American Red Cross as a disaster responder, taught GED classes at Columbia as a volunteer, and is involved in leadership positions in many other non-profit organizations. Otherwise, as a day job, he’s a management consultant at a top investment bank in Manhattan.

This vast range of experiences and pursuits enables Damion to provide a special learning environment for students of the ACL. First and foremost, Damion asks his students/fighters in the ACL to be gentlemen of combat (or gentlewomen) when participating in classes and events – nationally representing NYC, and overseas representing the U.S. – which means fighting with brutal efficiency when on the field, but still keeping a respectful demeanor to fellow students, fighters (whether of the same team or not), and those that have come to watch. Being not only just ambassadors of the sport, but also city, and country.