Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy
Our parent school teaching real sword and kendo at two locations in NJ.

Sung Shim Kwan – Hudson Valley Sword Academy
Our brother school teaching Siljun Dobup and kendo in Central Valley, NY

New York Historical Fencing Association 
Our HEMA affiliate school, led by HEMA guru Michael Edelson

Recommended Equipment Vendors:

Local supplier of swords, clothing, and accessories for all your budo needs.

Sword N Armory
Weapons and accessories (including sword bags!) superstore out of California.  Very friendly customer support.  Please consult an instructor before purchasing your first practice sword (iaito), however.

Another fantastic supplier of equipment.

For the discerning sword practitioner for whom nothing finer than the best will do.  Expensive, but some of the best practice swords available (again, please consult an instructor before purchasing your iaito).

Additional information (Reference and etiquette)

Information about school etiquette.

How to put on your uniform.

A note about Siljun Dobup from founder Jin K. Seong

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