New training program beginning Monday 1/8!

10 Class Beginner’s Kendo Intensive

“Tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice”
-Japanese Proverb


For only $250, this course includes:

  • 10 classes led by a dedicated instructor
  • Free access to half of the Dojo for additional repetition during intermediate classes
  • A traditional Kendo uniform (gi & hakama with school patch)
  • 1 bokken (wooden sword)
  • 1 shinai (bamboo sword used for striking drills)

To sign up, please CLICK HERE,
or call us at 646-580-9532

Class Descriptions:

Monday, 1/8, 7:30pm: Kendo & Reiho – Introduction to Kendo basics

In this first class, your Sensei will explain what Kendo is and how students should follow etiquette (Reiho) in the Dojo. You will then learn the basics of footwork, posture, and how to handle the Bokken (wooden sword).

Thursday, 1/11, 6:00pm: Kamae & Zanshin – Fighting Stances and Alertness

This class will focus on Kamae; A strong Kamae allows a Kenshi to launch powerful attacks as well as defend himself efficiently. Students will also be introduced to the Mental attitude called Zanshin, that will help them to not lose their concentration during a fight.

Monday, 1/15, 7:30pm: Issho ni – Working in Harmony

The Japanese word Issho ni means “together” and is often heard in Dojos across Japan; and for good reasons! The ability to work together, in a synchronized way, allows for faster progress and helps develop an acute sense of opportunity during a fight.

Thursday, 1/18, 6:00pm: Yoku Datotsu – Executing a valid strike

In Kendo, swinging swords weakly and hitting each other randomly is far from being sufficient. Students will be shown the distance to attack, as well as the correct synchronization for the body and the sword on a Men strike (strike to the head)

Monday, 1/22, 7:30pm: Dai Ichi Kihon – The seven basic strikes

Building on the previous class, students will practice Yuko-Datotsu while striking different targets, such as Kote (the forearm) and Do (the flank). We will then practice all this strikes in real condition, with a Shinai and a moving partner (called Motodachi).

Thursday, 1/25, 6:00pm: Kendo no Kata – Introduction to kendo’s original forms

Created a century ago, the 10 forms of Kendo no Kata are the very core of Kendo techniques, inspired by old Kenjutsu schools. In this class, students will learn the first 2 Kata, Ipponme and Nihonme. Regular study of the Kata is essential to build a good Kendo.

Monday, 1/29, 7:30pm: Uchikomi Keiko – Sharpening your cuts

Uchikomi Keiko is a form of practice where the Kenshi launches attacks on a partner with full spirit, on different targets. Performed with the Shinai, Uchikomi Keiko is essential for polishing techniques, building a strong spirit and correcting bad habits.

Thursday, 2/1, 6:00pm: Kokoro – The heart of a warrior

Developing good footwork, a correct posture as well as powerful and precise Yuko-Datotsu is essential, but Kokoro (heart/spirit) is the true measure of a Kenshi. The intensity of this class will challenge your spirit and your determination…

Monday, 2/5, 7:30pm: Hasuji – The path of the sword

In Kendo, we practice using a Shinai, a bamboo replica of a real sword. It is important however, to always cut as if using a real sword.

Students will work on oblique strikes to the head (Sayu-men) and to the flank (Do) to get a sense of the correct path a sword must follow.  

Thursday, 2/8, 7:00pm: Kiri-Kaeshi – A fundamental drill of successive strikes

Kirikaeshi is an essential drill, performed by every Kenshi during almost every class; it helps build spirit, accuracy, power and endurance.

Using the skills acquired during the previous classes, students will be taught this challenging drill, step by step.