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We are very excited to announce the Sung Do Kwan Women’s Team! This team is open to any and all female identified students of any level, studying any form (Siljun Dobup, Kendo, German Longsword). We will have special training sessions, discussions, classes, and other awesome events in a private workshop setting once a month.   Sara will kick things off by having a planning meeting and hearing your ideas and suggestions- including a team name!

We will meet on Saturday, March 9th around 10:30 or so by the studio, then train together in the open level class and the German Longsword class, which starts that day. Bring your coffee, your breakfast sandwich, and your ideas!   Check out the Facebook event for all the details.  Please RSVP on Facebook or e-mail Sara at

If you have any questions or can’t make the meeting and still want to contribute to the meeting, please feel free to e-mail Sara.  See you on the 9th, ladies!

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