Exciting news!  We have already annouced that Sword Class NYC has become it’s own entity and become Sword Class NYC- Sung Do Kwan (“Academy of the Sacred Sword”), but starting Wednesday, March 6th, we  will also begin teaching 2 more sword styles!  In addition to Siljun Dobup (“Real Sword Training”), we will be offering classes in Kendo and Liechtenauers Kunst (German Longsword).  Kendo will be taught on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings by Master Kim, and German Longsword classes will take place on Saturday afternoons and will be taught by Tristan Zukowski, of NYHFA.  These classes will focus on basic techniques and eventually involve full contact sparring!

Classes are now open for registration!  Sign up soon- these classes will book quickly!  You can see our updated schedule here.  There will also be a lot more information posted on our website soon as well.  As always, feel free to email us with any questions.

Coming soon?  Knights vs. Samurai.

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