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This Saturday the intermediate and advanced Longsword classes will be taught by guest instructor Cory Winslow.  Cory is the founder of the Medieval European Martial Arts Guild (MEMAG) and a member of the HEMA Alliance Curriculum Council (full bio HERE).  Additionally, Cory is an active contributor to the Wiktenauer knowledge base (a wiki for the European fighting arts).

Remember, this workshop will be two-hours, so remember to sign up for both the intermediate AND advanced classes this Saturday (the cost of both classes is included in the FULL MEMBERSHIP option!).  We are very excited to be hosting this workshop and look forward to seeing you in class on Saturday!

Cod.icon. 394a 4r.jpg
The free hew from the roof.

Therefrom the neck-grip make.
[4r] Der fry How von Tach.

Dams das Halsfahen mach.


(Excerpt from Hans Talhoffer’s fencing manual, the Codex Icononografico 394a, with Corey Winslow’s translation)

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