How much are classes at Sword Class NYC?

For new students, a intro class is $10. After that, 1 class is $30,  $100 for 4, or $160 for 8. Unlimited training options are also available by purchasing a FULL MEMBERSHIP for $157/month (includes: Unlimited training in ANY of the forms/classes we offer, an additional 10% discount on all merchandise, “Open Training” time, free signup to all cutting seminars and most workshops, and private GEAR STORAGE).

What should I wear to class?

Feel free to wear your regular gym clothes to class, and note that we practice barefoot. If you choose to test to increase your rank in Kendo or Siljun Dobup, you will need to purchase a school uniform for the test ($100), and we recommend practicing in the uniform several weeks prior to testing.

Do I need to bring anything?

Any additional supplies needed will be provided by the class instructor. Loaner gear is available for any class. After students have become familiar with the basics and demonstrate an understanding of sword safety, they will be encouraged to purchase their own practice swords and safety equipment.

Are there achievable ‘ranks,’ or ‘belts’ I can work toward?

Each form has its own ranking system and requirements. Tests are held every 10-12 weeks. In German Longsword, students are considered “Beginner” until they take their rank 1 test.  In Kendo and Siljun Dobup you will start as a beginner and every test will move you down toward 1st Kyu(rank). After that, you test for 1st Dan or blackbelt, then 2nd Dan, etc until 4th Dan, at which point you are considered a master. Each rank achievement is accompanied by an official certificate.  Generally students need to study for about 3 months before they can take their first test.

Do I need to take tests or can I just come for the fun and the exercise?

Students are not required to test if they don’t wish to, although it is encouraged. People are invited to practice as often as they would like, whether they wish to test to advance in the ranks of the art, or are simply looking for an outlet for meditation and exercise. The martial arts we offer can be practiced by students of any age, and can be immensely beneficial for those willing to put in the time and effort to extended study.

Is it possible to have a private workshop for my business event or party?

Yes!  Private group classes may be conducted at our studios or at an external location (conditions apply, such as making sure there is acceptable floor space an ceiling clearance).  Private group classes start at $150 an hour.  Note that number of attendees, location, and workshop length will affect the final price.  To schedule a private group class, please email us directly at and include the name of your business, the number of attendees, and the date and time you would like to hold your workshop.

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  1. Kent James December 19, 2015 /

    Do you have a studio in Central New Jersey?

  2. Paul Y January 5, 2016 /

    Is there a place to clean up after a class, in case I get really sweaty?

  3. John Kwon January 30, 2016 /

    Is there any age limitation like not suitable for too young or too old to take class?

  4. raab February 23, 2016 /

    We have classes for ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-17, and 18+. Please check our schedule for the complete listing of classes.

  5. raab February 23, 2016 /

    Unfortunately we don’t have showers (we’re not allowed to install them), but we do have a large bathroom!

  6. raab February 23, 2016 /

    Not yet. We are affiliated, however with the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy, which has a studio in Spotswood, NJ.

  7. Yaroslav Ponomarov April 18, 2016 /

    If I pay for the monthly memebers ship do I still have to pay for classes and do you offer private classes ?

  8. Michelle Kong June 15, 2016 /

    Even though I am not 18 yet, can I join the Beginner Kendo class rather than the Teen Kendo class? The time of the teen’s class does not fit my schedule…..

  9. Pharmman August 26, 2016 /

    Do you ever have seminars open to non members? How can I find out about them. (I’m too far away to attend regularly).

  10. maxfriedersdorf October 7, 2016 /

    I’m very interested in starting with beginner classes when I move later this month. I’m curious as to what swords are approved, for both the longsword and the sword and buckler classes? Thanks!

  11. Ant November 23, 2016 /

    Where can I buy head gear?

  12. Brandon April 29, 2017 /

    Do you have any locations in Ct?

  13. Carlene May 18, 2017 /

    Do you have a school out on Long Island?

  14. carles wilson June 29, 2017 /

    Hello do you offer military saber courses?

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