Intermediate – Armored Combat League

In this class students will do exhaustive conditioning drills, strength training, weapons training, takedown drills, and more. Intermediate level students are expected to begin assembling their armor kits, and training in full gear (their own or borrowed) as soon as they are able.

Beginner – Armored Combat League

Overview The Armored Combat League is real steel, full-impact, and full-force. In the beginner class, students will be work without armor on a variety of cardio and strength-building Knightfit exercises. Burpees, pushups, strikes with and without weapons are practiced. This is an intense conditioning class that will get your blood […]

Beginner HEMA: Longsword

Class Overview Students will be introduced to the basics of Lichtenauer’s Kunst des Fechten (Lichtenauer’s ‘Art of Fighting’). Using realistic nylon swords, students will practice the 5 master cuts, as well as the basic principals of footwork and winding. Emphasis is placed on proper body mechanics, and cutting alignment This […]