Saber Legion Combat Practice – All Levels

Presented in association with the Saber Legion – New York This bi-weekly combat workshop is intended to introduce first time participants to saber Combat, and to provide a training space for returning members training is saber combat. The Saber Legion is a national armored Light Saber Combat organization with charters training all over the world. The […]

Intermediate HEMA: Common Fencing & Conditioning

This course is intended to drill the basic  “Common Fencing” principles like footwork and body mechanics, to build speed, strength and endurance. Basics like footwork and body are trained with repetition. This is a challenging class! Requirements: Completed 3 Beginners Longsword classes

Intermediate HEMA: Sword & Buckler

This is an advanced level HEMA class. Using the i.33 fighting manual, the class explores dueling with the side sword and buckler, or small shield.  Students may borrow equipment for the first few classes, but are expected to purchase their own training gear.