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  • UNLIMITED training in ALL forms
  • FREE (or reduced pricing) for special workshops and seminars, including cutting (tameshigiri) practice
  • 10% OFF all retail equipment (swords, apparel, protective gear and more!) from Sword Class NYC
  • STORAGE SPACE for all your training gear, and a place on our member’s sword rack for your blade(s) (normally $20/month)
  • FREE OPEN FLOOR use between scheduled class times
  • 10% OFF private lessons from any of our experienced instructors
  • ANNUAL GUEST PASSES so you can bring your friends and family!

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  1. Max Chavelev February 16, 2016 /

    Cutting Practice : there used to be a Special Events page on the old version of the site. Now its gone. Would it be possible to add Cutting under Class Type dropdown?

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