Intermediate Iaido:Siljun Dobup classes focus on kata (forms), tameshigiri (test cutting), and gekken (free sparring). Emphasis is placed on technique and focus.


Gi (Earth): Focuses on stability, applying the basics in a practical manner. The foundation for all the other forms.

Su (Water): Relaxing the body and the mind, and allowing cuts to be made in any direction. Flowing like water, allowing for adaptability and improvisation.

Poong (Air): Stopping like the wind. Emphasizes close and one-handed techniques. Learning to stop a confrontation without the use of deadly force.

Hwa (Fire): Controlling the flow of energy. Techniques are energetic, dealing with one or more opponents in a single encounter.

Chun (Heaven): Understanding and individuality. Combining all the other forms to attain mastery over your mind and body.

Class Details
Duration:55 mins, Mon 6-7pm; Wed 6-7pm. Thurs 8-9pm
Location:1944 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10035
Class Type:Eastern Martial Arts
Class Size:4-16
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Raab Rashi
Owner; Head Instructor, Siljun Dobup; Instructor, Kendo
Raab is the owner of Sword Class NYC, and considers himself a lifelong student....