The sword is the mind.
When the mind is right, the sword is right.
When the mind is not right, the sword is also not right.
He who wishes to study kendo, must first study his mind.

—Toranosuke Shimada

Class Overview

In beginner kendo, students will be introduced to reiho (basics), suburi (striking), kamae (stance), and suri-ashi (proper movement).

A uniform is not required for this class and new students may borrow school equipment. Three beginner classes are required before taking the intermediate level kendo classes.


Kendo Glossary
International Kendo Federation

Class Details
Duration:55 mins
Location:1944 Madison Ave (@125th St.)
Class Type:Eastern Martial Arts
Class Size:4-15
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Raab Rashi
Owner; Head Instructor, Siljun Dobup; Instructor, Kendo
Raab is the owner of Sword Class NYC, and considers himself a lifelong student....