Class Overview

Students will be introduced to the basics of Lichtenauer’s Kunst des Fechten (Lichtenauer’s ‘Art of Fighting’). Using realistic nylon swords, students will practice the 5 master cuts, as well as the basic principals of footwork and winding. Emphasis is placed on proper body mechanics, and cutting alignment

This class is required to move on to the ‘Intermediate’ level classes.


Longsword Glossary
New York Historical Fencing Association


Class Details
Duration:55 mins
Location:HARLEM: 1944 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10035; BROOKLYN: 35 Locust St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Class Type:Historical European Martial Arts
Class Size:1-16
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Tristan Zukowski
Head Instructor, HEMA
Tristan Zukowski has been involved with Historical European Martial Arts since 2009, when he began f...