Salute your opponent, take your guard, and begin the duel. Focusing on the knightly martial art of the German Longsword, Liechtenauer’s Kunst des Fechtens (Liechtenauer’s Art of Fighting) was developed by Johannes Liechtenauer, a 14th century fencing master. Emphasis is placed on drills (solo and paired), as well as test cutting with real (sharp) sword and sparring with blunt steel blades.

Class Overview

Students will be introduced to the basics of Lichtenauer’s Kunst des Fechten and HEMA. Using realistic nylon swords, students will practice the 5 master cuts, as well as the basic principals of footwork and winding. Emphasis is placed on proper body mechanics, and cutting alignment

This class is required to move on to the ‘Intermediate’ level classes.

You should study this form if…

You are interested in the knightly arts, historical dueling, and you want to learn how sword fighting actually works (as opposed to in the movies!). You are looking for a martial form that emphasis study, research, and will engage you mentally as well as physically.

You should try HEMA if you like…

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, historical research, medieval fantasy and/or stories about knights.

If you continue studying HEMA: Longsword

Subsequent classes focus heavily on body mechanics, and emphasize drilling (solo and paired). As students progress, an equal amount of emphasis will be placed on test-cutting and sparring. Ideally each type of practice (drilling, cutting, and sparring) should inform and validate one another: you spar the way you cut, you cut the way you drill, etc. Student and teacher alike should train earnestly and honestly, for to do anything less would be a disservice to the art.


Longsword Glossary
Wiktenauer – Ongoing collection the primary and secondary source literature that makes up the text of historical European martial arts (HEMA) research
New York Historical Fencing Association – Our affiliate club and association


Class Details
Duration:55 mins, Tuesday 6:00, Saturday 10:00
Location:HARLEM: 1944 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10035
Class Type:Historical European Martial Arts
Class Size:1-22
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Tristan Zukowski
Head Instructor, HEMA
Tristan Zukowski has been involved with Historical European Martial Arts since 2009, when he began f...