Full-contact, full-force, and full-steel, the Armored Combat League (ACL) is medieval combat with modern protective gear and rules. Hard-hitting and adrenaline-pumping, ACL is an extreme sport where armor-clad fighters class on the battlefield in an intense melee. Participants in this form fight in bouts ranging from one-on-one duels to grand sixteen-on-sixteen group battles.

Class Overview

TIn the beginner class, students will be work without armor on a variety of cardio and strength-building Knightfit® exercises. This is an intense conditioning class that will get your blood pumping. After the Knightfit® workout, students will engage in various combat drills, including two-on-on, three-on-one, and weapons training.

You should study this form if…

You are interested in large-scale battles, extreme sports, and want to test the limits of your endurance and will.

You should try the ACL if you like…

Game of Thrones, Braveheart, stories about tough, legendary warriors

If you continue to practice with the ACL

Students will do exhaustive conditioning drills, strength training, weapons training, takedown drills, and more. Intermediate level students are expected to begin assembling their armor kits, and training in full gear (their own or borrowed) as soon as they are able.


Armored Combat League Organization Homepage and Membership

NYC Chapter of the ACL


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Class Details
Duration:55 mins, Wed 8:30-10; Sat 2-4
Location:1944 Madison Ave (@125th St.)
Class Type:Western Martial Arts
Class Size:2-16
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Damion Digrazia
Head Instructor, The Armored Combat League
Damion was selected by the owners of the Armored Combat League to not only be the President/Captain ...