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At Sword Class NYC, it’s not just about the sword. It’s about strength and discipline, grace and respect. It’s about physical determination, and spiritual balance. It’s about agility. It’s about confidence. It’s about training the mind, body and spirit as one.
So no, it’s not just about the sword.
But the sword does make it that much cooler.

Our Forms

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)

Iaido: Siljun Dobup


The Armored Combat League (ACL)

  • This is probably the best thing that I've done with my free time. It is magnificently cool to wield a sword, but it is more about control. The control you must have over your thoughts, your body, your energy, and finally your sword. You can't always control what happens in your environment, but you can control how you respond to it. This art has toned my body as well as my spirit. You can't really wield a sword well unless you have confidence, which this class has also helped me to hone.

    • Mandy P.
    • Yelp User
  • ...she said she didn’t expect much when she first took up sword training a year and a half ago. But the discipline ended up transforming her life, she said, affecting the way she taught, walked and thought. It motivated her to get more fit.

    • NY Times
  • Unlike a stage fighting class, this is a legit course that teaches you how to handle a sword from a historical perspective, and all the instructors are trained professionals who compete worldwide in tournaments.

    • Take This Class: Sword Fighting
  • I may have no Winterfell of my own to defend, but the song of steel still called me to the Riverlands to try Sword Class NYC’s German-longsword lesson

    • Time Out NY
    • Train like a Game of Thrones badass
  • The short and sweet of it: You won't find another sword class like this, let  another class like this. This is a unique experience and well worth the thrifty price.

    • Jess P.
    • Yelp User